Website Design Services

Fast rollout, low cost and able to grow with your needs.

ACM Web Services can help with your web needs… from your first site to major expansions or redesigns. We can put you online in a very short time and help you expand your offerings as you need. You don’t have to lay out any front money or wait months to begin your web presence. We’ll get you online fast and at a very reasonable cost!

Website Design: We have numerous websites that we have designed, and/or currently maintain and host that we can offer for references.

Our sites are currently active promoting villages, travel and tourism attractions, non-profit foundations, retail business image building websites, and full featured, secure, retail and non-profit e-commerce sites.

Our sites all feature high ranking search engine placement for their targeted demographics. We don’t brag that we submit your site to so many search engines… we know that the engines find us and like what they see!

We can add any degree of sophistication that you require in your site, yet we stress that quality content, and not fancy technology, drives customers most cost effectively for almost all small businesses.

Website hosting: We can arrange for your domain name registration and help with a cost effective host on our servers for your existing or future website. A simple web banner with your logo, and product and contact information can be up and running your new domain in less than 48 hours.
Website design and deployment: with a simple interview or two to get a feel for your needs and preferences, we can begin an online presence for your business.We can offer options from simple, low cost 1,2 or 3 page information and image sites, much like a billboard or print advertisement with all your product and contact information. Smaller sites like this can be up and promoting for you in less that 2 weeks from your first caontact.For more extensive, complete business promotion packages, involving interactive multiple page sites or ongoing upkeep the time line can be a month or more. Almost every business can benefit from a simple web presence. Your web can be as simple or as extensive as you wish with as much detail as you feel will help to attract or inform your customers.
CMS(Content Management Systems) better known as Blog sites, where you can update content yourself from your own computer as you go forward can be deployed is days, allowing you to begin promotions almost immediatly.
Shopping Carts: We use secure e-commerce on many of our sites. We can set these up and maintain them completely for you, or we will train you in setting up your own products which you can then manage the day to day changes yourself, while we remain in the background in case you need a bit of help from time to time.
Artwork: We can build new art for your project from something you have on file or assist you in creating a totally new look.
Widgets and add-ins: We have a large selection of useful tools that can add to you site presentation and make it attractive to your targeted audience or to help you track your site’s performance. We work with the most up-to-date internet scripts such as flash, .php, .asp, and javascript for an attractive and functional presentation.