Small Business Startup

We help entrepreneurs get started!

Much of our background deals with new small businesses and building solid futures.

Not just blogging about entrepreneurship, but successfully living it for 40 years.

Our experiences include direct production, management and growth in¬† large national brand operations, and various successful retail developments based in a small Central Illinois town based well off the business grid. Along the way, we’ve found many opportunities to nurture our entrepreneurial¬† spirit.

Skills acquired along the way include cost accounting, programing and systems design, manufacturing production planning and physical plant management, personnel and team building, marketing and sales, and corporate structure built an early foundation. Our experiences in direct and internet retail involve every aspect of entrepreneurship from the initial business plans, floor planning, building out and maintaining inventory, legal and accounting issues, customer and market development, and employee development.

Successful small business requires being adaptable, and seeking additional customer and marketing opportunities. In addition to our initial custom furniture retail operation, we developed a receptive operator tour service to market our local attractions and provide reservations, visit planning and tour guide services. Along the way, being an early adapter of internet marketing for our own businesses, an additional web services and marketing business evolved including web design, hosting, fulfillment services, and print design. This aspect of our business life also does all of our community marketing across the Midwest region for one of the top 5 visitor destinations in Illinois.

We can help you look at your plans and offer ideas to better the course of your business.