Banner Advertising Plans

Web Banner Advertising is the most cost efficient method of driving business available today!

Banner Ads are  frequent, low cost, linked display advertising delivered to web viewers along with their requested content. Banner ads can appear on every page viewed, on random pages or only on selected pages that have content similar or relative to your advertized products or services.


Banner ads are very low cost impressions and links shown to viewers already seeking your information. Costs are usually charged by the frequency of display (extremely small fractions of cents per view), or by the number of times that a viewer responds to your ad by clicking on the link in the ad. In such cases advertisers do not pay anything unless an interested viewer follows on to your expanded site. An additional display contract would be a flat rate for banner display across all pages or selected pages, every time they are displayed during a contracted period of time.

Your Banner ad can direct interested viewers to your own web site, to an expanded business page on one of our sites (think “Larger Ad”) or directly to your brick and mortar store location or phone.

We offer Banner Adverting placement across all of our webs. Examples of location placements and currently available sizes are in the sidebars of each page and near the bottom or footer of each page as here on this page. We can modify locations or ad sizes based on your needs.

These particular banner advertising locations are displayed on more than a half million page views each year on  our Amish Country Visitor webs.

These banners are only shown to qualified viewers who have specifically requested information on our area or products and who, for the most part, will soon be visiting Illinois Amish Country!

Why would your business not benefit from being included?

 Banner availability and pricing Details.