Website Maintenance Plans

ACM Website Contract Maintenance Plans

Website maintenance contract plans are available which allow more economical regular revisions to your website once per month, rather than paying for each revision separately with separate minimums. Contract maintenance includes updating new content and post news, photos, video, create new pages, or updating any information in the content portions of your web. New site structures, and design changes might be best done on an hourly or per bid basis.

The contract hourly maintenance plan rate is $50 per hour for 1-3 hours per month in 3 month blocks, i.e. 1 hour reserved in advance for each month for 3 months = $150 ($45 per hour in 6 month blocks-one hour each month for 6 month $270, and $40 per hour in 12 month blocks- $480.) Unused hours each quarter may not roll over to future quarters

For 4-8 hours per month the hourly rate is reduced 10% from the above rates. For contract maintenance needs above 8 hours per month, call us.

Hourly Website Editing – We define “Maintenance” as keeping the web site current. It is routine upkeep and fairly simple changes and additions. It is not intended to be a new design.

What Does Website Maintenance Cost?: ACM charges $75 per hour for general website maintenance on sites we have created. Please note that there is a $50 minimum for website maintenance changes, so it pays to save up a few changes and do them all at once. A maintenance contract is available which allows more economical revisions to your website once per month, rather than paying for each revision separately. The contract hourly rate is $50 per hour per month in 3 month blocks. Ask for more information about monthly maintenance contracts if you think you will be making frequent revisions to your website.

We reserve the right to distinguish between “updates” and “new designs” and we will advise you if your requests change from one to the other. Changing the navigation, the adding of new pages, graphic changes, buttons, etc. are considered new designs and charged accordingly to our hourly design rate. Adding new pages to your website is an additional expense if the new page affects the navigation of the site. The cost per new page is lower if you choose a monthly maintenance contract or we are bidding a “new design.”

For online stores, this includes only “regular” pages, not product pages or the ordering system pages.  Also, in actual effect, any of these “significant” changes will eat up hours a lot faster than the simple maintenance items you would normally do and we will advise you of any extraordinary added costs before we begin. We do not charge for email maintenance consultation or communications.

Third-Party Repairs. If the client or an agent other than ACM updates the client’s pages, time to repair web pages will be assessed at the hourly rate of $75.00 with a 1-hour minimum. Changes made by any agent other than ACM may not be recoverable if repair is needed. Additional changes billed at hourly rate ($75.00 with a 1-hour minimum).