ACM Marketing Assistance

ACM evolved in the early days of the internet as we developed our own online presence for our various retail stores here in Arthur.

We had for years prior worked with television and print medias on our own advertising, and as the web developed, so did our involvement in advertising design.

As early websites were developed for ourselves and several local clients, we applied ourselves to design theory and search engine recognition with the goals of designing websites to be easily found without the use of search engine trickery. We found that solid designs with meaningful and focused content provided successful websites.

Our staff can provide a variety of current, web-based and traditional advertising services benefiting a wide range of clientele. We have facilitated many projects which include small, but developing, business technology improvements to large scale government/corporate internet and intranet services.

Today, we work extensively with interrelated promotional websites and print projects dealing with the Arthur Illinois area and the surrounding Illinois Amish Country. If your business or website needs concern this market, we may be your best and most economical source for website creation.

Additionally, we develop web solutions for small and medium sized clients across the country who seek a successful internet solution at a reasonable cost, with or without ongoing maintenance.

We have the background to work with you from site design through¬†launch and provide you with a polished product… or assist you with any portion. We can set your site up with or without on-going maintenance, or provide you with the site basics and let you assume the detailed input and upkeep.